Perigee Achieve

Our most innovative model is the membership offering, Perigee Achieve. In this “Membership Economy,” many of us have come to expect membership and subscription-based solutions. Perigee Achieve delivers premier strategic management consulting services in a powerful package.

Learn Why Growing Businesses Plateau

Our experience and research show there is an Era of Heroism in the early growth period, but something different is needed to “work on” vs. “work in” the business.

Avoid Following the Herd Off the Cliff

Perigee illuminates the top mistakes to avoid plateauing and the impending, eventual failure.

What’s at Stake? What is the Payoff from Sustained Improvement?

Many companies don’t commit to sustained, measurable improvement because they haven’t counted the cost of not improving. Learn the payoff (or the cost of no action) from improvement

What is the Perigee Achieve Solution?

Perigee Achieve is a business system that clarifies, tracks and accelerates success. Perigee Achieve meets clients everywhere along the client help spectrum:

  • “Do It Yourself” – Tools, Templates, Perspectives, Training
  • “Help Me” – Coaching, Workshop Facilitation, Peer Learning
  • “Do It For Me” – Consulting

How Does the Perigee Achieve Solution Work?

Learn how these come together to accelerate your success and the development of your team:

  1. Strategy Jumpstart
  2. Capability Diagnostic
  3. One Page Strategy
  4. Success Roadmap
  5. Achievement Dashboard
  6. Quarterly Vectoring
  7. Capability Toolkit

What is the Perigee Toolkit?

Learn what’s inside and how it can benefit you


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