Perigee helps executives improve their businesses and outcomes for the people they serve.

per·i·gee /pĕr′ə-jē/


the closest point of orbit around the earth.

Getting into and staying in orbit requires focus, precision and control of precious resources. Move a little too far away and you’ll hurl into space. Move a little too close and crash to the ground. However, when you operate within your orbit, everything is easier. You reach your goals faster and get more value along the way. And so it is in the business world. Perigee helps clients think and act most effectively to achieve their goals. Experience your precise orbit.


Perigee Founder + Executive | CX + Strategic Initiatives

Serving as Perigee’s founder and chief executive, Ryan Ogden is a speaker and author with over twenty years of experience with Fortune 100 companies, small businesses, and top management consulting firms, providing a blend of practitioner and consultant expertise.

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