Communications during Crisis (Roundtable Recording)


YouTube video

Key takeaway:  Be accountable, emphasize security, provide transparency and be consultative.

Watch this video recording in the series, Perigee’s Virtual Executive Roundtables. Co-host and crisis public relations and communications expert, Jim Savage, provided a fresh perspective as during the April 28, 2020 roundtable.


Discussion Highlights:

  • During the roundtable, attendees responded to one of 4 states of business right now:  8% were in Extreme Crisis, 17% were Hunkered Down, 25% were in High Growth and 50% were Pivoting.
  • Jim’s crisis framework is:
    • Accountability.  It’s important to be accountable and to
    • Security.  Explain what you’re doing to secure against further risk or damage
    • Transparency.  Simply telling what is going on provides transparency – even things you might not have previously shared with the public, such as a factory coming back online or safety precautions you’ve implemented to protect your employees.
    • Consultation.  Moving beyond existing products or offerings, shifting to become more consultative is a critical step to helping customers.
  • One attendee shared how his company has been deemed an “essential service” during the pandemic and is pivoting in two ways:  1) honing in on a new use case for their existing offering (requiring some modifications), 2) launching a whole new business line to serve the covid-19 needs with personal protection equipment (PPE).
  • Another attendee shared how his company is an essential service and they are focusing their communications on the safety of their employees to help keep them and their customers safe and healthy.

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