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Key takeaway:

People can get easily information but not insight – helping others see what they can’t see is insight.

Watch this video recording in the series, Perigee’s Virtual Executive Roundtables.  Co-host, Brian Williams, shares his perspective during the June 2, 2020 roundtable.  The Hot Topic was: Selling has changed, and yet it hasn’t.


Co-Host, Brian Williams’ bio

  • Served clients including AT&T, Motorola, Cisco and Fortune 1000 Tech companies.
  • Toastmasters World Champ. of Public Speaking (Top 40 of 30K)
  • Featured in SUCCESS Magazine (Nov 2019)
  • Author (The Ultimate Sales Messaging System: The 6-step System to Clarify Your Sales Message)
  • Keynote speaker and coach to Keynote Speakers
  • Prior role: 20-yr tech exec, head of global business strategy
  • CEO & Founder of Perspectivity, 2012
  • Man of faith, giving God glory for his success
  • Married, Father of 4, Avid Runner, Amateur Photographer, Prison & Homeless Ministry

Discussion Highlights:

  • Read more on P.I.E. Model or the 6 Steps
  • P.I.E. Model
    • Persevere – more than ever, doing business Is difficult, change is difficult, and yet we still have to keep our standards and deliver the highest quality to clients and customers.
    • Insight – people can get easily information but not insight – helping others see what they can’t see is insight. Quote:  Swimming in Data, Thirsting for Knowledge.
    • Empathy – we must truly connect with others through humility, authenticity, and by listening. Only then, can we begin to empathize.  This is where deep connections happen and selling becomes easy.
  • The 6 steps are (from Brian’s book):

The ABC’s:

  1. A – Audience Profile: We must first define our target audience, down to the DNA level so the message connects instantly and directly.
  2. B – Basic Building Blocks: You must build a firm foundation for your presentation which starts with one main idea…your cornerstone idea.
  3. C – Content Storyboard: Since the brain loves story 62x more than facts and data, this tool ensures that your message flows like a story from start to finish…and they will love you for it.

And the XYZ’s: 

  1. X – eXamine Your Content: Once you’ve designed your message, now let’s examine it against the Audience Profile that we created earlier. Will it resonate?
  2. Y – Your Preparation: Now it’s time to do what sets winners apart from the crowd. Let’s practice, practice, practice!
  3. Z – Zero in On Your Audience: Now that we have the design done and have practiced the delivery, will they both win this prospect?

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