What We Can Learn from the Front Lines of the Retail Industry


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Key takeaway:  It’s never too late to be excellent or to have a great attitude – so get started!

Watch this video recording in the series, Perigee’s Virtual Executive Roundtables.  Co-host, Ben Davis (in absentia), shares perspective during the May 12, 2020 roundtable.

Co-Host, Ben Davis’ bio

  • CEO & Founder of The Gents Place, a combination barbershop, spa and salon for men, self-described as an “ultra-premium and membership-based men’s grooming and lifestyle club.” Franchised with over a dozen locations.
  • Also has other businesses, including a men’s grooming product line (Rascal) and he’s carved out the customer support department as a revenue generator – through a concierge service to other businesses (Resconcierge), and he’s recently launched a “servant-first” Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) company (Masks of Service).
  • Instilled values include giving back by helping homeless and vets with clothing and grooming, among others.

Discussion Highlights:

  • Hot Topic, Part #1: We’re seeing both terrible and almost heroic behaviors come from the role we all share as consumers.  We’re seeing new stories, Ben shared some of his own and we’re all seeing our own stories firsthand.
  • Closing Perspective (1 of 2) from Ryan and Ben to all of us as we engage in being consumers again:
    • Remember everyone is living in extraordinary circumstances
    • We’ve become polarized – echo chamber from news, social media, friends
    • Respect others’ beliefs…mask vs. no mask
    • Give grace, especially to employees, but also other consumers
  • Hot Topic, Part #2: Two closely-held values of Ben’s leadership style are:  Attitude and Excellence.
    • Excellence
      • Because TGP was already operating with excellence heading into this crisis, we didn’t see the company crawl under a rock and disappear.
      • We saw it thrive, including starting #GentsGrownWild, Virtual Happy Hours, having fun with customers who haven’t had haircuts, or who have tried self cuts.
      • They also had good communications to members throughout the crisis and included an “open for business” announcement for members to come get their first haircuts in 8-10 weeks for many.
      • Ben was able to launch a new business providing PPE products and giving back to the homeless in the process.
      • Although an extremely difficult decision, they optimized the number of level of layoffs, allowing employees to benefits from unemployment program.
    • Attitude
      • How to keep peak emotional state: wake up every day positive and ready to accomplish great things
      • From Success.com magazine in 2017…My secret weapon is…My mindset. I have a belief that your emotional state determines your decisions, which determine your destiny. Every time I’m stuck, I connect those dots and remind myself that if I stay in that state, I’m going to end up making a poor decision with a poor outcome. I’m always focused on adjusting my state.
      • Sermon on the topic, including the point that attitude is a CHOICE by Pastor Jimmy Evans, Gateway 2020: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLF46iy5a4c
  • Closing Perspective (2 of 2)
      • Always be building a foundation of excellence – easier to stand on firm foundation in times of crisis
      • Get closer to customers and employees
      • Attitude is critical to – and fuels – success. Constantly improve yours through constant learning.
      • Life is a race – run a good race

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