Have You Fully Engaged Your Peer Advisory Network? (Roundtable Recording)


YouTube video

Key takeaway:  Map your network, give and get, offer and ask.

Watch this video recording in the series, Perigee’s Virtual Executive Roundtables. Co-host, Don Glacy, an accomplished business owner and expert networker, provided a perspective during the May 6, 2020 roundtable.


Discussion Highlights:

  • During the roundtable, attendees responded to one of 5 states of business right now:  45% were in High Growth, 36% Emerging, 18% Pivoting and 0% – yes 0% – were in Extreme Crisis or Hunkered Down.
  • Don offered the concept from the book, Tribal Leadership, that a trust environment is present in high performing teams and relationships and this is also critical in high performing peer advisory networks.  You need to be able to trust your mentors or advisors from whom you seek wisdom.
  • The power of peer advisors (formal or informal) is acceleration – accelerating to quicker results.
  • This acceleration comes from that golden idea that an advisor offers, lending an experience they had, perhaps a resource or an introduction – either way, they accelerate outcomes.
  • It boils down to perspective, connections, and encouragement.
  • Ben Davis covered covered how transparency and authenticity is a learned skill that enables him to more easily ask for help.  Both offering and asking for help are critical in a healthy peer advisory relationship.

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