In Crisis, Stop Selling and Serve (Roundtable Recording)


YouTube video

First, help and serve, but then be direct and clearly tell people what they can buy today to support your business.

Watch the video recording of this kick-off webinar in the series, Perigee’s Virtual Executive Roundtable. Co-host, Charlie Paparelli, is an Angel investor and mentor to dozens of entrepreneurs.


Discussion Highlights:

  • There are 4 states of businesses right now: Hunkered Down, Extreme Crisis, Pivoting and High Growth.
  • On the call, about 1/3 were in High Growth mode and the rest were in Hunkered Down mode.
  • Many businesses are finding success in this climate by forgetting their offerings and just figuring out how to help their customers, clients, and contacts. Among those seeing success, there is a shift from selling to serving.
  • There is also a shift closer to the customer. Customer data and dashboards should now receive much less attention and executives need to be in direct contact with customers, finding ways to help and add value.
  • Data and insights can help customers to find a way forward in this current climate.
  • Even with “raving fan” customers, we still must find ways to ask for the sale.

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